Osang Fostanes Got Another Standing Ovation on Israel X-Factor

Rose Fostanes, the Filipina caregiver in Israel, competed for the second round of X-Factor.

Osang who according to the interview has a little confidence on herself because Israelis knew that Filipinos are working as house cleaners and caregivers. She thinks that she’s an alien and all eyes are looking at her. Nobody was talking to her and even people tell her that she sings very good, she doesn’t believe them.

Screenshot (151)“My heart is like tugtog because if you get one mistake, maybe your journey in X-Factor will be gone. And maybe your dream to be something else will all be finished,” she said.

Fostanes sang You and I by Lady Gaga and she nailed it again. She received standing ovation at the end of her performance.

Osang who just had a concert for a cause to help the Typhoon Yolanda victims in the Philippines only proved that she is something else and her dream is not finished yet.

Filipinos, especially OFWs, are very proud of you!

Masel Tov!

To watch her performance, please click her video


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